Quick and Easy Meatloaf

The other day I made my quick and easy meatloaf and decided to cook it in my Instant Pot. It turned out great. We had meatloaf, homemade mashed potatoes and green beans. It was so yummy.

Have you ever made a meatloaf sandwich? That’s what we did with the leftover meatloaf. We heated it up and then placed it on our favorite bread. (Mine is sour dough.) I added a little more ketchup before heating it up. Talk about yummy goodness, that sandwich was amazing! I don’t allow myself to eat very much bread but I decided this was one of those times I would eat it. I enjoyed every bite!

Below is a video of me making meatloaf and cooking it in the Instant Pot. Watch it to see step by step instructions. It’s so easy.

Quick and Easy Meatloaf in the Instant Pot

1 ½ lbs of ground beef

1 large chopped yellow onion

1 heaping ½ tsp of minced garlic

1 egg beaten

¼ cup of Italian bread crumbs

A few dashes of Worcestershire Sauce

1 tbsp of yellow mustard

A couple of dashes of pink Himalayan salt

Crushed black pepper (about ½ to 1 tsp)

1 to 2 tbsp ketchup


Put one cup of water into the Instant Pot and set on manual for 44 minutes.

Mix the meat with the chopped yellow onion, minced garlic, beaten egg, Italian bread crumbs, Worcestershire Sauce, yellow mustard, salt, black pepper, and ketchup.

Spray your oven proof baking dish with olive oil cooking spray. (I use a round 7 cup Pyrex baking dish.)

Place the meat mixture into your baking dish.

Cover the top of your meat with ketchup or you can use barbecue sauce.

Place the bowl onto the trivet and into your Instant Pot. Close the lid and make sure the sealing valve is closed.

After the timer goes off, allow the pot to self release for 10 minutes. Then quick release whatever pressure is left.

Allow your meatloaf to rest for 10 minutes then remove the grease and serve. Enjoy!

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