You Have My Word On It

What do the words “You have my word on it” mean to you? To many people, it means I will do whatever I say I will do, and to some, it means absolutely nothing.
Recently I asked someone if I would see them at a particular event and they responded with, you guessed it, “You have my word on it”. Unfortunately they have said that to me a few times before and never followed through with their promise. I knew not to hold my breath.
I don’t think some people understand the importance of keeping their word. I realize that things come up and life happens, but I was taught not to make promises I wasn’t absolutely sure I could keep. I think it would be much better to say I will do my best or I will try to make it or if you really have no intention in keeping your word, just be truthful. Why not say, “Thanks for thinking of me but I don’t believe I will be able to make it”. I would rather people be honest than tell me what they think I want to hear.
What are your thoughts on this?

Published by thegingeroptimist

My name is Jan McIntyre, also known as The Ginger Optimist. I love Jesus, cooking, baking, making my own DIY products, photography, makeup, bargain shopping and encouraging others.

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