Love Yourself

It’s so important that we all learn to love and accept ourselves. There is only one you and only you can fulfill your destiny. Don’t allow the negative thoughts you have or what someone else might say hold you back from becoming the most amazing “you” that you can be. You can do so much … More Love Yourself

The Value of a Hug

It’s been proven that babies need to be touched in order to be healthy. Even if they are well fed and kept clean, they might not survive if they don’t have loving hands to embrace them. We all need to feel that touch that says, “I love you,” or “I accept you,”or “You are important … More The Value of a Hug

My Word for 2016

I’m not sure who started the “Word for the Year” thing, but a friend/leader encouraged me to come up with a word for this year. I really thought about it and even prayed about it. I felt that I should go with the word “focus”. I get so busy with so many different areas of … More My Word for 2016

Learning To Simplify

Why do we think everything has to be picture perfect before we invite someone over for dinner? Possibly many reasons. For some, it’s because that’s how they grew up. For others, it’s because they are trying to impress, or maybe they just don’t feel like what they have or even who they are is good … More Learning To Simplify

The Me I Want to Be

Do you wish everyone liked you? We are all born with an innate desire to not only be loved, but liked. Some personalities don’t seem to care if everyone likes them as long as the people important to them do. On the other hand, people with a personality similar to mine strongly desire for everyone … More The Me I Want to Be

Just Do It

I have a confession to make. During Christmas, I fell off the wagon and I fell hard. I ate way more sweets than I should have and I didn’t exercise at all. It lasted even into the new year. Now I am getting back on the wagon so to speak and I feel so much … More Just Do It