The Art of Hospitality

Recently I flew to Arizona for a couple of weeks to have some much needed girlfriend time. I am blessed to have a few close friends that I can just be me with. Leslie, also known as the Bohemian Sprout, is one of those friends.

Whenever I visit Leslie she always makes me feel like her home is my home. She has the gift of hospitality and I have the privilege of enjoying it!

One of the things that makes being a guest in Leslie’s home enjoyable is she’s always prepared. The guest area has been freshly cleaned and there is no dust anywhere. To someone like me with a lot of allergies, that is wonderful.

My second morning there I got up to an amazing breakfast with fresh hot coffee and orange juice. I felt so spoiled. That spoke volumes to me because Leslie doesn’t like to cook at all. In fact, when I am there, I do most of the cooking. That’s one of the small ways I can be a blessing to my friend and her family. If you have followed me for very long you probably know how much I enjoy cooking.

Avocado toast on gluten free bread and bacon

Leslie keeps a clean bath robe hanging behind the door in the guest room. In her bathroom she has plenty of toiletry items, a blow dryer, and just about anything you could possibly want or need. She doesn’t want me to have to pack a lot of extra items when I fly out to see her and this makes traveling so much easier.

One size fits most bath robe.
The medicine cabinet.
Bath bombs
My homemade hair conditioner.

Leslie had even made my homemade hair conditioner and had it waiting in the guest shower. Talk about going above and beyond to make you feel welcome! Wow, she knows just how to do it!

Sometimes I think the art of hospitality has been lost to some of the younger generation. Making people feel welcomed and loved is so important. You don’t have to go to the extent that my friend Leslie does. Hospitality can be simple but thoughtful.

I remember as a child when my grandparents or other guests would come to see us, we always gave them the best room, the best towels, etc. After becoming an adult, I’ve tried to do the same thing for our guests.

What do you do to help guests feel comfortable in your home? Please leave me comments down below. I would love to connect with you.

I’m thinking about writing a blog about being a good guest in someone’s home. What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “The Art of Hospitality

  1. I loved the article!! I too enjoy having guests and spoiling them when they visit. I think about the things I would appreciate if I was a visitor. It is so appreciated by a lady, who usually is responsible for always caring for others. It’s nice to be the one getting spoiled for a change !!! Thank you for sharing–keep blogging!!!

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