The Legacy of a Lifetime

Recently I said goodbye to my dear parents. My father, Charles Leverett, passed away a month ago from COVID, and my mother, Linda Leverett, passed a few days later. Mom and Dad were deeply in love through all of their years together. They celebrated 64 years of marriage this last Christmas and their love neverContinue reading “The Legacy of a Lifetime”

Cooking with the Grands

It’s so much fun spending time with my grands in the kitchen. I love that they enjoy cooking and baking. I think they will make great cooks when they grow up. Below is a video of the girls making their own recipe they call “Cha-Noodles”. This is spaghetti noodles, cheddar cheese, a little milk, andContinue reading “Cooking with the Grands”

The Legacy of Praying Mothers

I am so very blessed to have the legacy of praying mothers. Not only is my mother a great woman of prayer, but my mother-in-law is too. There is something so powerful about a praying mom. As a teenager I remember waking up many times early in the morning to the sound of my momContinue reading “The Legacy of Praying Mothers”

Then and Now, Keys to a Lasting Marriage

May 17, 1981 was one of the happiest days of my life. I married my best friend for better or for worse. Our wedding was simple, yet beautiful. I wore my mother’s wedding dress and my father performed our ceremony after giving me away. Can I honestly say our marriage has been perfect? No, but IContinue reading “Then and Now, Keys to a Lasting Marriage”

The Time I Felt Like Royalty

My husband and I went on our very first cruise a few months ago. I had heard many stories about how wonderful cruises are. Boy were they ever true. From the time we met our cabin attendant until we got off the ship, we were treated like royalty. They called me “Madame Janice” and myContinue reading “The Time I Felt Like Royalty”