Just Do It

I have a confession to make. During Christmas, I fell off the wagon and I fell hard. I ate way more sweets than I should have and I didn’t exercise at all. It lasted even into the new year. Now I am getting back on the wagon so to speak and I feel so much … More Just Do It

Choosing Joy

We all go through tough times, that’s just life. But how we respond to tough times is up to us. Even in hard times we can choose joy. Joy and Happiness are two different things. Happiness comes from happenings that give you a feeling of bliss. Joy is something you choose. According to Rick Warren, … More Choosing Joy

The Orginal Artist

Down through the years many people have asked, “How can you know that God is real when you can’t see Him?” For me, I see evidence of God everywhere. From the clouds, to mountains, the ocean, the beautiful green grass or the desert rose. Not only do I see God in nature but I feel … More The Orginal Artist

Fickle Feelings

I am so glad that I am not what my feelings tell me I am. Feelings are so fickle. Monday was one of those kind of days. If I would have given in to my feelings I probably would have thrown in the towel as a pastor, wife, friend, mother, and grandmother. I was feeling … More Fickle Feelings