Struggling with Insecurity

Jan and Eb

We all deal with insecurity. Some people struggle with their outward appearance, others, their lack of book knowledge. Some struggle with feeling insignificant, others, feeling like they are never good enough. I could list several more types of insecurities that we as humans struggle with, but I think you get the point. Even the most “put together” person you know struggles with some type of insecurity.

Why do we struggle so? I think some of it has to do with how we grew up. Some of us were told we would never amount to anything or other ugly comments like this. I was blessed to have parents that believed in me. However, I had kids at school that made fun of my red hair and freckles. Their words hurt. Seriously, I thought I had been cursed by God with my looks. Why couldn’t I have beautiful blond hair? I was skinny as a rail and had no figure until I was probably 16 years old. My nickname was George.

I think another reason we as humans struggle so with insecurities is because we play the comparison game. That is a trap my friend. There will always be people that will appear to have it all together and seem like they live the perfect life. Truth is, everyone has their own set of struggles.

When we look to others to find our confidence and self worth we may be disappointed. If only we could see ourselves the way God sees us, beautiful in His sight. Made in His image for His glory.

I finally realized that my red hair is a blessing. My husband can find me in a crowd anywhere. I was just at a huge convention recently and several people saw me from afar and came and greeted me. They all said the same thing. I saw that red hair and knew it was you.

I want to challenge you today, instead of focusing on what isn’t right with you (lack of money, lack of education, don’t have the “perfect body”, etc.), begin to thank God for what you do have. Stop playing the comparison game. Be happy with who you are and what you have. Live your life to serve God and others. When we do that, we begin to really enjoy our lives. I know for me, when I take the focus off of me and put it on how I can bless others, I feel more loved, secure, and joyful. Do I still struggle with feeling insecure at times? Unfortunately yes, but not near as much as I used to. I’m learning to put into practice the things I’ve mentioned above.

You are not a mistake my friend. You matter to God. He has amazing plans for your life. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, begin to pray and ask God to help you see yourself through His eyes of love. When you begin to love yourself, you will be able to love others. Begin to thank God that He made you the way you are. You are His masterpiece. You don’t have to walk in insecurity. You can put on confidence in Christ every day. It’s your choice my friend.

Psalm 139:14 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

Published by thegingeroptimist

My name is Jan McIntyre, also known as The Ginger Optimist. I love Jesus, cooking, baking, making my own DIY products, photography, makeup, bargain shopping and encouraging others.

5 thoughts on “Struggling with Insecurity

  1. It’s true when we stop focusing on ourselves, we are less insecure. When you give a speech in public, if you focus on what your audience needs, rather than on how you are doing, all your nervousness goes away 🙂


  2. You are so right, we all have insecurities. It is so easy to focus on them instead of all the good things God has given us…as you said. Thank you for reminding us of that. Excellent post!


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