Gluten and Dairy Free Almond Crackers

Who says you can’t eat delicious food if you can’t have gluten or dairy? A few years ago that might have been the case, but not now. There are so many yummy recipes available on Pinterest and in cookbooks. One of my friends who has Celiac Disease and eats dairy free is always working on creating delicious food that she can enjoy. Fortunately for me, she is willing to share her food and recipes.

I have a low tolerance for gluten. My body can handle some, but if I have too much, ouch! My body will hurt all over, especially my joints. So I am always interested in learning how to make delicious recipes that won’t cause inflammation.

I would love for you to meet my friend Ruth. She’s the one I was telling you about that has Celiac Disease. She’s in the video below showing how to make Gluten and Dairy Free Almond Crackers. After you watch the video, the recipe will be below the actual video on YouTube.

It seems like gluten and dairy are becoming more and more of a problem for many people. Is it a fad? I really don’t think so. I think with all the GMOs and the pesticides that are used in growing food it’s affecting our bodies like never before. Just my thoughts. What do you think?

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My name is Jan McIntyre, also known as The Ginger Optimist. I love Jesus, cooking, baking, making my own DIY products, photography, makeup, bargain shopping and encouraging others.

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