How to Make Puerto Rican Rice

Recently, I spent the afternoon with my friend Margarita. It’s always fun to have a girl’s day. She asked if I would come over and teach her how to use her new instant pot. I was happy to oblige. I asked what she wanted to cook and she decided on barbecue ribs and rice. YouContinue reading “How to Make Puerto Rican Rice”

How to Make Easy Chili in the Instant Pot

Yay! We have chilly weather in Florida so it’s time for chili and other delicious hot foods. Please watch my YouTube video to see exactly how I made my chili. It was so yummy and we had plenty to share and had left overs a couple of times. I don’t know about you, but IContinue reading “How to Make Easy Chili in the Instant Pot”

How to Make Super Easy Salsa

My favorite type of food is Mexican. So my husband took me to my favorite Mexican restaurant the other day for my birthday. While enjoying the salsa I was guessing what the ingredients were in this particular salsa. When our server Edgar came back to our table I asked him what was in it. HeContinue reading “How to Make Super Easy Salsa”