How To Make Hot Process Face Soap

My Sea Clay Avocado and Lavender Face Soap

seasoap for face1


12 oz olive oil pomace

8 oz coconut oil

6 oz Avocado oil

4 oz cocoa butter

2 oz castor oil

10 oz sea water

4.42 oz lye

1 tsp of sea clay mixed with 1/2 tbs water (Add at trace)

20 drops of lavender oil, 5 drops of vitamin E oil to be added at right before pouring soap into molds (optional)

Before you begin make sure you have vinegar near by in case you spill the least little bit of lye on you. Lye can be very dangerous if not handled properly. I pour vinegar into the bowls that I used lye in and then add water before cleaning them.

It’s very important that you measure your ingredients properly. Weigh your oils and place them in your crock pot on the low setting so oils will melt.


Weigh lye then slowly pour lye into your sea water and stir with slotted spoon. Always pour lye into liquid, never liquid into lye. I always do this outside so that I don’t breathe in the fumes from the lye. Make sure you wear gloves, safety glasses, and a mask. A side note, I learned the hard way to make sure you have paper underneath your scale when measuring lye. It will leave white spots on your counter top if it gets on it.

After the oils have melted, turn the crock pot off, and slowly pour your lye/sea water mixture into the crock pot. Mix with the stick blender. Make sure you turn your blender off every 20 or so seconds for a moment so that you don’t burn up your blender. It will take 10 to 11 minutes to bring mixture to trace. Trace is when you can gently pull the blender stick out and see the blender marks on top of soap mixture. It will have a pudding like consistency.

Now mix the sea clay and water together and add to the mixture in the crock pot and stir. Turn the crock pot on low and cover with lid. Stir often. Your soap will gradually start to look waxy. It will look kind of like waxy mashed potatoes when it’s done. This will take approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

You can test it by putting a very small drop on a paper plate. After it cools a bit, place a tiny piece on your tongue. If it tastes soapy, it’s done. If it zaps you like when testing a battery, it’s not done yet. Rinse your mouth with water.

Now mix in Vitamin E oil and Lavender Oil. This is optional.

Scoop soap mixture into your molds. When it has cooled down you can take soap out of molds and allow time for the soap to cure. It is usable right away but the longer it cures, the longer the soap will last. I try to let my soap cure for 3 or 4 weeks before using it. The bottom of your soap should become smooth after a few uses.

Happy Soaping!

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    1. I understand. Working with lye can be very intimidating, but as long as you are very careful and wear gloves, mask, and glasses and follow directions, you should be fine.. Hope you enjoy your soap as much as I enjoy mine. 🙂

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