My DIY Hair Conditioner

Recently I posted how I make my shampoo bars. Today I want to share with you how I make my hair conditioner. I use three simple ingredients: Bragg’s apple cider vinegar with mother, water and lavender essential oil. I use half water and half vinegar. I add 20 to 25 drops of lavender oil inContinue reading “My DIY Hair Conditioner”

How to Make Shampoo Bars

I absolutely love my homemade shampoo bars. I’ve been making them for about two years now. The difference these bars have made for my hair is amazing! If you decide to try them it will probably take about three to four weeks for your hair to adjust to using the shampoo bar. By the way,Continue reading “How to Make Shampoo Bars”

How To Make Hot Process Face Soap

My Sea Clay Avocado and Lavender Face Soap Ingredients: 12 oz olive oil pomace 8 oz coconut oil 6 oz Avocado oil 4 oz cocoa butter 2 oz castor oil 10 oz sea water 4.42 oz lye 1 tsp of sea clay mixed with 1/2 tbs water (Add at trace) 20 drops of lavender oil,Continue reading “How To Make Hot Process Face Soap”

An Essential Oil’s Testimony

I have a roller bottle blend that is great for relieving head and neck tension. A friend of mine’s daughter tried it the other day and was amazed at how quickly she found relief. If you want to learn more about Essential Oils email me at Picture:  Blend in a Roller Bottle made from PeppermintContinue reading “An Essential Oil’s Testimony”