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Why do we treat those we love the most disrespectfully at times? We wouldn’t dare think of saying certain things to people we don’t know that well or use a certain tone with them. But when it comes to our family, the ones we love the most, we will allow reckless words and or rude tones to come out of our mouths towards them when we are frustrated or tired. Do we care more about what strangers or friends think of us? People will come and go in our lives but we always have our family. We need to work hard at respectfully loving each of our family members especially when we are tired or frustrated. We shouldn’t take their love for granted. I think we feel “safe” to act however we want because our family has to love us.  Love your family. Respect them, even when they get on your last nerve. Tell them you love them every day. Hug them. You never know when it will be your last opportunity.

Yesterday afternoon I was babysitting our two youngest granddaughters. I asked if they wanted to help me make “How to” videos for Healthy Chocolate Shakes and Date Bars. They were pretty excited about it. I think a big part of their excitement was getting to eat the results. However, we got busy preparing to make the videos. It was going great and then the girls started arguing with each other. We had to start the video all over. We ended up having to restart several times. Finally, exasperated, I said with a sharp tone, “Look, if you can’t cooperate then we just won’t do this.” I heard myself on the video saying this and boy was it a reality check. I sounded mean. I thought to myself, had this been someone else’s kids I would have laughed it off. I very quickly deleted that video and determined to enjoy the girls and not lose my cool with them again. We ended up making the videos and had fun watching them together and eating the shakes and tasting the date bars.

I think it would be great if we could all play back videos when we are frustrated with our kids, grands, or our spouse. It might help us hear and see just how we really do treat those we love the most. We are so blinded to ourselves. I pray often that God will reveal things in me that are displeasing to Him. I am thankful for that video moment yesterday. When I had the girls today, I really thought twice about what I said or how I responded to them. Will I mess up in the future and use a sharp tone again? Probably, but I hope it will be rare. I want to be much more aware of my tone in the future and guard my tongue. Not saying I shouldn’t correct my granddaughters when they need correcting, but when I do, do it in love.

Proverbs 12:18 says, “Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” My desire is to bring healing to my family through my words (and tone) not pain.

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My name is Jan McIntyre, also known as The Ginger Optimist. I love Jesus, cooking, baking, making my own DIY products, photography, makeup, bargain shopping and encouraging others.

8 thoughts on “Real Talk

  1. This really helped me. My mom and I have been arguing a lot lately and I really needed a reminder to not take my family’s love for granted. Thanks!!


  2. I’m also guilty of this. Sometimes I don’t even have to say a word because my face says it all! When I see the hurt or confusion in their eyes it makes me feel about a millimeter tall! It just gets so hard to stay positive about anything when you have chronic illnesses and bad depression!! I pray daily asking God to help me be a better person… some days are okay, some not so much!!


    1. Chrissy, so glad you have a relationship with God. He is my source of strength and amazingly helps me through so much. I would encourage you when you pray to ask God to show you what you can do to become all that He wants you to be. I hope this helps. 🙂

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