Organizing my DIY Closet

On a Sunday afternoon while waiting on Hurricane Irma to do her damage I decided to clean and organize my DIY closet. I was able to get my video recorded before losing power. Thank God for His protection. The hurricane went from a Cat 4 (which we were expecting) to Cat 1 before it hitContinue reading “Organizing my DIY Closet”

How to Make Super Easy Salsa

My favorite type of food is Mexican. So my husband took me to my favorite Mexican restaurant the other day for my birthday. While enjoying the salsa I was guessing what the ingredients were in this particular salsa. When our server Edgar came back to our table I asked him what was in it. HeContinue reading “How to Make Super Easy Salsa”

How to Make Low Sodium Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken Tortilla Soup has been a favorite of my family for almost 20 years. I have recreated the recipe so many times that I’m not sure of what was even in the original recipe. I vaguely remember it had corn and a different type of beans. But this is my latest version of the soup.Continue reading “How to Make Low Sodium Chicken Tortilla Soup”

Homemade Ice Cream in Just Minutes

There’s nothing like ice cream on a hot summer day or any day really. I have always been an ice cream addict. Now that I am choosing to eat healthier, I rarely eat store bought ice cream. I’ve discovered how to make my own and it’s quick, easy, and delish! What I love about itContinue reading “Homemade Ice Cream in Just Minutes”

Love Yourself

It’s so important that we all learn to love and accept ourselves. There is only one you and only you can fulfill your destiny. Don’t allow the negative thoughts you have or what someone else might say hold you back from becoming the most amazing “you” that you can be. You can do so muchContinue reading “Love Yourself”

How to Organize Your Closet

I enjoy organizing and living in a clutter free environment. It’s a never ending process because when I get a closet or cabinets de-cluttered and organized, it seems like it’s time to start all over again in another area. I won’t complain though because that means I am truly blessed. I have way more clothesContinue reading “How to Organize Your Closet”

Cooking in Colorado

I love to cook and one of the things I am enjoying these days is cooking in other people’s kitchens. Recently I cooked a chicken dinner in Arizona and below is a video of me cooking Avocado Toast and Basted Eggs in Colorado. I hope you enjoy this video. Ingredients; 2 eggs (chicken or duck)Continue reading “Cooking in Colorado”

Thrifting, A Great Way to Save Money

I love a great bargain. One of the ways I find them is shopping in thrift stores. You do need to know your prices because even thrift stores can over charge on some items. Below is a video about shopping at Goodwill on half price day in Phoenix, AZ where they have half price dayContinue reading “Thrifting, A Great Way to Save Money”

An Awesome Home Decor Superstore

I love to shop and recently I was visiting the Phoenix area and came across this amazing home decor superstore. Check out the video below. You can find all kinds of amazing things in this store.